New Halo game announced at E3 2013 this year, watch the trailer

It shouldn’t be too surprising but there was a new Halo game teased at this year’s E3 2013 event. Microsoft announced the title closer to the end of the show, releasing this trailer above.
The new Halo title won’t release on the Xbox One until 2014, that was the release window given by Microsoft at the E3 2013 event in Los Angeles. It was Bonnie Ross, the general manager of 343 Industries, who announced the new game and introduced the trailer. Just like a few of the developers before her, the speaker highlighting cloud features and cloud processing while talking up the game. The game will run at 60 FPS, something that no other Halo title could do until now. The new teaser trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but you it is quite stunning to watch, Halo “5”, or whatever it is called in the end, will be picking up where Halo 4 left off.

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