BBC “hunt is on for Doctor Who” will not be Rory Kinnear

Every Doctor Who fan has the same question on his or her mind, “Who will play the next Doctor Who?” BBC wants you to know that they haven’t made any decisions who the next Doctor Who will be, but they kno who it isn’t.
Rory-Kinneier-InsertThe BBC has officially denied that the next Doctor will be Rory Kinnear. “Speculation around the identity of who will be next to step in to the TARDIS is rife,” a statement reads. The BBC states that the network is still in the beginning of the search, “The search has only just begun and all will be revealed over the coming months.”
All of these rumors and speculations come after Matt Smith, the former 11th Doctor, announced he was leaving the show. Rory Kinnear, fans may recognize, has played Bill Tanner in the last two James Bond films. Kinnear is 35 and will not be the next Doctor.
Ben Daniels who has appeared in Merlin, Him and Her actor Russell Tovey and Ben Whishaw who also starred in Skyfall were also possibilities but the BBC has not moved forward on any of them. The BBC reports that Luther star Idris Elba stated, “No I didn’t think I’d be very good at Doctor Who man. I don’t look good in a bow tie.”

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