Amazon opens pre-orders for the PS4, starting at $399

After fans got a glimpse of the new PS4 during Sony’s E3 2013 keynote, eager players can finally pre-order the new console from Amazon. Here are the details.
The Playstation 4 will be at the top of many people’s holiday wish-list this year. The new console marks a new generation for Sony. The company put a lot of work into redesigning the new console, improving the device to correct any missteps the company took with the PS3. Sony spent some time at E3 2013 this year showing off the background downloading and the ability to instantly share images and videos of games through the “share feature”. The new Dualshock 4 controller was also featured at the event.
You can checkout the official description, specs, pricing and details for the new PS4 console on the official product page at below.
more info: amazon

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