Amazon begins pre-orders for the Xbox One console starting now

The Xbox One will be one of the most wished-for gifts this holiday season, and following Microsoft’s E3 2013 keynote address this afternoon, you can finally reserve your own by pre-ordering the console at Amazon.
The new console is expected to ship this November, the new design featured above. Microsoft completely reworked the next-generation console, improving the CPU, GPU and adding 8GB of RAM, governed by an innovative OS architecture. If you are an Xbox Live Gold membership, it will also work on the Xbox One. Although Microsoft has been good in the past keeping up with demand, this year will be one of the hardest yet to grab your self a new console, with the largest fan-base of Xbox 360 users, it will be the largest group hoping to upgrade in the company’s history.
You can get all the official details, pricing, bundles and stats on the Xbox One by checking out the official product page on Amazon’s website below.
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