Sony PS4 E3 2013 Schedule and Livestream

One of the most highly anticipated events at this year’s E3 2013 conference will be the showcasing of the PS4 and a look at the final design of the product. You can follow all of the announcements as they happen and watch the event live below.
Sony will be livestreaming their events just like previous years, the live E3 broadcast begins year with the Sony Press Conference at 9 PM Eastern on Monday, June 10, 2013. You have several ways to watch the event live, either by following the event live on the Sony official livestream page, on your PS Vita or with your PS Home friends at the E3 hub in Playstation Home.
We of course will have all of the trailers, announcements, screens and details covered as they happen that day. Once the presentation is over we will be hosting the video complete with a recap of all the details so you won’t miss anything.
more info: sony/e3

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