Play as the dog in Call of Duty Ghosts, the K9 playable character

One of the stars of Call of Duty: Ghosts when it was announced earlier this year was the K9 unit. Now Infinity Ward has confirmed that players will be able to play as the dog in the upcoming game.
The military service dog won’t just be a member of your squad, he’ll be a another of your options. While showing off some of the game at a pre-E3 viewing of the single-player campaign, the dog was a playable character for a few of the missions. The dog missions are highly scripted, so there won’t be as much freedom as the rest of the game (for the safety of the dog of course) the dog is more for scouting and finding, just like actual K9s are in the military today.
Players using a mounted camera will give you ‘dog-vision’ and an earpiece allows orders for the dog. All of the dog’s behaviors are based on actual Navy SEAL team’s operations with service dogs according to IW. You can ‘bark’ orders (he he) at the dog to assist you in other parts of the game as well. Attacking hostiles, distracting them, restraining them and other basic commands.
No word on the dog’s multiplayer portion of the game, so we wouldn’t get our hopes up just yet.
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