Undead Labs’ State of Decay takes second fastest selling XBLA game, behind Minecraft

People love the zombie-surviving genre, almost as much as they love Minecraft it seems. Undead Labs, the creator of the digital title shared its opening numbers and they are very impressive.
With “more than a quarter million copies” sold over just the first two-days on XBLA, the survival simulator is heading for the record books. To put that sales figure in perspective, Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade platform has only one other game that beat it, the developer stated, “The only game that ever sold more on XBLA this fast was Minecraft.” The developer continued stating, “We are not just riding on this train, however! We’re never going to stop pushing to make the best games we can. If you’re wondering what we’re working on to make this game even better, please check out Jeff’s Title Update post.”
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