At one time Lizzie Borden was considered one of the most horrible woman in our society. The case still attracts crime-buffs, a housekeeper and Lizzie’s sister were questioned because of their own motives in the killing but they were never charged and Borden never found guilty.
In a new Lifetime movie, Christina Ricci has been picked-up to play Lizzie Borden, the infamous woman who was tried and ultimately acquitted for the murder of her husband her stepmother in 1892. Borden’s trial reached the point of folklore in our country, and was one of the most infamous murders during that time-period. News of Ricci landing the role have been rumored all morning, though Deadline apparently received confirmation from a close source that was not named.
The Lifetime film will be directed by Nick Gomez and produced by Sony Pictures Television. The trial took place in Boston, Massachusetts where prosecutors attempted to prove that Borden killed Andrew Borden and his second wife Abby Gray Borden. Borden was the only person charged with the crime, and was let go after one of the largest criminal cases of that century. Borden continued to live in her hometown even after the trial, though it was widely believed that she was guilty. Her home in Boston is still part of tours.