Anomaly 2 out for Mac OS X users

Mac gamers that are looking for a new title to spend their weekend with should check out the latest offerings from the Mac App Store.
Anomaly 2 was well me when it launched, the game was developed by 11 bit studios in 2011. The game is a sequel (obviously) the original title was called ‘Anomaly Warzone Earth’. The title is a tower defense game, and one of the better ones available. It also offers asymmetrical multiplayer mode, one side plays towers, the other side unleashes hoards at those towers.
There is also a single-player campaign for those of you that would rather play alone then with anyone online. The game originally launched on the PC back in May, meaning only a few weeks before Mac gamers got their version. EA and Maxis could learn a thing or two about the process. you can check out the game below on the official Mac store.
more info: apple

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