Techland Dying Light trailer, the developer’s first PS4 and Xbox One title

As we get closer and closer to E3 2013 we are starting to see just what the launch of the net generation of consoles will have to offer. The first title released from Techland for the next generation in ‘Dying Light,’ and a new trailer was released earlier this morning.
Techland describes the world of Dying Light as “unforgiving,” and there is definitely a reasoning behind that choice. The city players will find themselves in has been devastated by a deadly outbreak and has now become a battleground. In the first-ever trailer for the recently-announced title from WBIE and Techland, players will get a glimpse of what it takes to stay alive. As day turns to night, survivors race to a cache of supplies, but the pulse-pounding free run is only half the battle. Staying alive through the night, when the infected become even more deadly, is the real challenge. As the developers say, “So run, boy, run, as Dying Light wishes you Good Night, Good Luck”. The game will release for PS4 and PC and Xbox One.

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