Always the entertainer, Taylor Swift continues her transition from country princess to edgy, older songstress. Swift was met by a thousands of screaming fans when she took the stage last night at the 2013 CMT Music Awards.
Taylor-Swift-InsertThe theme seemed to be half masquerade, half rock when Swift belted out her performance in Nashville, Tennessee. The stage seemed to be afire with red lights, as was the crowd when Swift began her title track “Red,” from her extremely popular 2012 album. On stage Swift was wrapped in a dark bustier, black shorts, and her make-up more vibrant and her eyes darker than usual. The stage was more flamboyant however, with giant red flags, flashing red-lights and flashes of the trademark color everywhere to be seen.
Fans continued screaming throughout the entire performance, many singing along to their favorite pop-princess. In the most remembered scene, Taylor and her bandmate began an electric guitar solo. Taylor spent most of it whipping her hair about and honestly it looked like she was actually having the most fun I’ve seen her having at an award show in a while.