Quick Game Trailers: Saints Row 4 declares war, preps for E3 2013

Just a day after confirming the collector’s edition of the highly anticipated game ‘Saints Row IV,’ the developers have released another trailer. You can check out the new gameplay above and get prepare yourself for the insanity that is Saints Row.
The trailer comes just a few days before E3 2013, as developers and publishers try and build as much hype as possible before their titles are shown to a captive audience. The new trailer touches on the characters of Saints Row 4, as well as some of the game’s more bizarre features. That is after all, one of the most appealing aspect of the series to most of the game’s fans.
The trailer is for mature audiences so proceed with caution if you are watching this with the sound on or if you are around modest work friends. Saints Row 4 is scheduled to launch on August 20, 2013 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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