Microsoft cancels post E3 press wrap up, leaving more questions behind

Members of the press were promised a short debriefing after the main E3 keynote event this year. Microsoft has now decided not to hold that event, and it’s leaving us a little confused.
Since the day Microsoft debuted the Xbox One, ti has been swamped by rumors, speculations and customers and the press have voiced their growing suspicious about Microsoft’s purposeful question dodging. Everyone knows that more information on the console will be released at E3 2013 next week, but in the past usually members of the Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo team sit down and wrap up the loose-ends from the event. That means that if we have questions (question to better serve you) we won’t have that nice chance to get them answered, and anything that Microsoft won’t want to announce at E3 will stay unannounced.
Answering questions, getting the facts straight and squashing rumors is what companies usually are happy to do, unless it’s exciting and they are going to announce it, or if its bad and they are postponing it. We don’t have the answers on which one this will be, but we will let you decide. It was the Sun Media’s Steve Tilley that first reported the roundtable’s cancellation on Twitter. Tilley states that Microsoft simply doesn’t have time because of scheduling conflicts “including some external industry and partner sessions.”
As you can imagine, we have more questions from this cancelation of questions, that ironically we can’t answer.

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