Trailer Made: Liam Hemsworth and Harrison Ford star in ‘Paranoia’ thriller

From the director of “21,” Robert Luketic, ‘Paranoia’ also stars features Gary Oldman, Amber Heard and Richard Dreyfuss. The latest trailer shows Hemsworth in a new role, and fitting in quite nicely with the Hollywood elite. You can get your first look at the next corporate drama below.
Liam Hemsworth is best known for his current role in ‘The Hunger Games,’ in the move Hemsworth plays Adam Cassidy, an honest blue collar worker hired by Nicholas Wyatt (played by Oldman) and is taught to “steal trade secrets” from Jack Goddard (Ford). The most surprising casting option has to be Richard Dreyfuss as Cassidy’s father, who hasn’t appeared in too many films over the last…decade. Dreyfuss plays a retired security guard, while Amber Heard (Machete Kills), will play the love interest in the film.

The movie is set to release on August 16, 2013.

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