Sony shows Warframe on the PS4, check out the trailer and be excited

Sony had some very big announcements today, not only is ‘DCUO’, a new Final Fantasy game, and ‘PlanetSide 2’ coming to PS4 but so is a new game called ‘Warframe’. The last title on that list you can check out starting today.
To describe the game Steve Sinclair, Project Lead at Digital Extremes states, “Would you like to level-up, build a Space Dojo with your friends and hang out, dueling each other and trading wall-running stories? Good news! Warframe is your ticket to all of that and its coming to PlayStation 4, for free.” The words PS4, free and ninjas probably have many of you excited already. You can watch the new gameplay video below.

The game will be ready at launch, showing off at E3 you will see 1080p Warframe. Sinclair also stated, “I love the DualShock 4. The triggers feel awesome and the touch pad is a sweet addition. Right now, we’re using the touch pad to activate your crazy Warframe powers on the run with a flick of your thumb or finger. Want to lunge and smash with your Rhino Warframe? Swipe your thumb up on the touch pad and you’ll charge like a battering ram into a group of helpless enemies”.

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