Helena Boham Carter is stunning as Elizabeth Taylor in ‘Burton and Taylor’

It may take you a moment to see it but that woman above is the talented actress Helena Bonham Carter, who will be taking the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming film ‘Burton and Taylor.
In the role of Richard Burton is Dominic West, the picture is to promote the BBC America’s upcoming made-for-TV movie, Burton and Taylor. Bonham Carter is 47, and the film will show a side of her that is rarely scene in her most of her films. Carter has an extreme talent for playing raw, natural (and most of the time damaged) roles like Fight Club, the Harry Potter series and Les Misérables.
The drama will be featured on the BBC and has a runtime of 90minutes, following the very public life of Taylor and Burton. This was set against the 1983 revival of Noel Coward’s play, Private Lives. You can expect to see more of the film before its release this fall.

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