New Final Fantasy game for PS4 to be announced at E3 2013 event

Square Enix’s flagship franchise ‘Final Fantasy’ is due for a comeback, fans have been waiting for ‘Final Fantasy XIV’, ‘Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns’ and a few other titles for a while now, and it looks like Square Enix is coming back focused and ready to amaze.
Earlier today Square Enix confirmed that there will be s special event at E3 2013 this year, called “The Future of Final Fantasy.” At this events members of the press will spend one hour learning about Square Enix’s new direction for the series. There will be a “special Q&A session” with Final Fantasy brand director Shinji Hashimoto and there will also be talk of a new PS4 game that Square Enix will announce at E3 2013 this year. Fans have been gawking at the the new Luminous engine for a while now (shown below).

We can’t wait to see what Square Enix has in store for one of our favorite franchises.

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