Rod Serling’s screenplay “The Stops Along the Way” was one of the final projects that talented screenwriter worked on before his death. Now it has been confirmed that J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Prods. will develop the project.
JJ-Abrams-InsertSerling past away in June 1975, he was only 50 at the time. It will be both Bad Robot and Warner Bros. that will own the TV rights to the script. Those rights were acquired from Serling’s widow, Carol Serling. The project will be a limited series to whichever network is lucky enough to pick it up. Serling is best known as the host of the “Twilight Zone,” a CBS series which aired from 1959-1964 and is often times mentioned by Abrams (shown on the right) himself (a known fan of the show).
The Writers Guild of America’s held a member survey of the 101 best-written TV series and “Twilight Zone” ranked No. 3. Serling wrote, among other things, the 1968 classic “Planet of the Apes.” Although it is CBS which owns the “Twilight Zone” franchise, the widow Carol Serling controls many of his other works.