What if I told you the fighting mechanic for the NHL series was being revamped for the upcoming NHL 14? What if I proceeded to tell you that the new fighting mechanic will be the same on as the one in the Fight Night series?
Enter the Enforcer Engine. With the new engine, first person fighting is being pushed aside for a new third person view to further immerse the player in all the on-ice action. Now your player will have bruises, black eyes, and lumps to show show their battle scars. Fights will take place with everyone, including officials, on the ice; no more isolated fights.
Size and strength now matter as physics come into play. Physics-based Punch Targeting now ensure that size and strength matter; each player will feel different in a fight. New push and pull techniques will get your opponent off balance, as well as block, dodge, and counter. Every action has a reaction and the key is timing it all together.
The Enforcer Engine will add ‘Heat of the Moment’ fights. With the old fighting system, fights were started manually and combatants had to agree to square off. In NHL 14, fights can begin if you break the hockey code.
For example, if you lay a big hit on a team’s superstar or run their goalie, you’ll have to answer for it. The team’s tough guy will come after you and you’ll be forced to fight. Not all players will answer the bell though, so don’t start gooning the other team unless you’ve got someone to stand up for your superstars.
NHL 14 is set to release on September 10th, 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.