With the launch of the highly anticipated title ‘The Last of Us’ just a few days away, more details on the multiplayer component of the game have been shared by Naughty Dog. There have been a lot of leaked gameplay videos and misconceptions about the mechanics so we wanted to fill in the blanks.
During the multiplayer-portion of the game players will be divided into two factions, the Hunters and the Fireflies. When you enter each match you will be paired with a small clan of survivors that you need to keep alive and grow. The game will feature two modes in which you can accomplish the growth and survival of your Clan.
“Supply Raid”, will have you scavenging the area to keep your team alive. Each team has a pool of twenty “reinforcements”. Once a team uses all of these reinforcements, the match will go to sudden death. In “Survivors”, there are no respawns. Once you’re gone you’ve been eliminated until the next round. It’s a best of seven rounds in which the first team to win four rounds wins the match.

Naughty Dog has also confirmed that there will also be a crafting system, the same found in Single Player. Stealthy players can do well by using Listen Mode to locate enemies and flank them with silenced weapons. “Teamwork is essential” according to Naughty Dog, fallen teammates can crawl to their allies and be revived, so players who stick together will excel. Melee combat will offer players a choice of performing an execution move. Other topics that Naughty Dog touched briefly on is the loadout system and the in-game economy, but couldn’t go into details at this time.
Naughty Dog also took this time to remind players that if they pre-Order The Last of Us, they can receive multiplayer items via the Survival DLC Pack. Pairing with the initial game offerings if you buy the Season Pass you’ll be entitled to receive even more multiplayer content when we release newly created DLC we’re planning for the game. The Last of Us is available globally June 14, 2013 for more information on the free DLC and editions of the game you can check out the official product page below.
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