Justin Chatwin exits Shameless, won’t return with cast

For the last three seasons we have watched Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum play-out their rocky relationship. It seems that love will find its bitter end soon however because Chatwin will not be returning to the series.
Justin-Chatwin-InsertShameless is Showtime’s number one series, and although the show seems to be gaining even more of a following, it will have to do so without Chatwin. It was the show’s producer, John Wells, who confirmed the departure earlier this evening at the TV Academy Emmy panel Los Angeles. Chatwin’s character struggled with love and a secret marriage for the last three seasons. The last time we saw Jimmy he was on a boat, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) was then handed a small parcel filled with money. Though we did not see him die, we were left to assume that he would not be coming back to the show.
The good news for fans is that Shameless will be returning next year (though as we mentioned before there was little doubt that Showtime wouldn’t renew the popular Sunday night series).

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