Naughty Dog shows off The Last of Us Multiplayer gameplay for the first time

The single-player campaign in Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival title ‘The Last of Us’ will definitely be the centerpiece of the game, but Naughty Dog has some practice making exciting multiplayer campaigns as well. Now the developers are ready to show off the multiplayer gameplay for the first time.
The trailer that you see above shows multiplayer for the first time, and it seems to be a very unique spin on the classic team-based strategy. Sides will be fighting for supplies, ammo, weapon pieces and shelter. You will have to craft and upgrade weapons, in the multiplayer. You will be scrounging around, working together in order to survive, which isn’t too far off from the single-player campaign.
You can check out the trailer above and be sure to check out pre-ordering the game as well, you get a lot of free DLC and if you get the collector’s edition than you also get some tangible items as well.
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