Every once in a while there comes a great indie-game that has the ability to distract you from the day-to-day obligations that usually fills our lives. Our latest group obsession is a new release from Curious Panda, a 2-man indie game company that specializes in extremely challenging, simply and unique titles.
The game is set to electronic music and the familiar gameplay and bright-stylings of the title are reminiscent of classic-arcade legends like Ikaruga. A title that fans of the genre should recognize as the Treasure developed shot-em up published by SEGA. The new rhythm/shooter has released for the PC and is currently on the cheap for $4.99 as a digital download.

Older gamers will recognize the title’s gameplay as an homage to other classic arcade hits, though the new artwork, music and rhythm mechanic are a new twist on a classic series. If you haven’t checked out the title yet you certainly should, as we said it is currently on Desura. You can check out the official trailer above and get the exact details on the game below from the official storefront and product page.
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