Sony Mobile Communications (Sony Mobile) announced the company’s Xperia M, a new smartphone featuring Sony’s one-touch functions and unique design, offering customers a lower-cost option in the smartphone market.
The Xperia M offers NFC connectivity for one-touch functions, a new design and a “range of technologies including: a high quality screen for sharp viewing; smart camera functionality for impressive pictures and videos; Battery STAMINA Mode for outstanding battery life; and Sony’s signature media apps for enjoying photos, music, movies and games on the go, integrating Sony Entertainment Network services directly in the apps” according to Sony.
“Consumers looking for their first steps into the world of Xperia smartphones would be well-advised to look at Xperia M or Xperia Mdual,” said Calum MacDougall , Director of Xperia Marketing at Sony Mobile Communications. “Both models benefit from Sony’s proven innovation and engineering expertise, and are perfect for those who want the premium technology and experiences often only associated with high-end models.”
The Xperia M also offers Sony’s “OmniBalance design”, which was first introduced in the flagship Xperia Z model. The Xperia M also features colour-changing illuminations that can be personalised to visually alert you to incoming calls, text messages and alarms. Both the Xperia M and Xperia Mdual will be available in Black, White and Purple – a Yellow colour variation will also be available for the single SIM model.
Key features for XperiaM

  • * One-touch functions with NFC and screen mirroring, to display content on your TV or to share music and photos between devices
  • * Sony’s OmniBalance design, with generous 4″ FWVGA touchscreen display and LED illuminations
  • * Sony’s signature audio enhancement technology ClearAudio+, xLOUD and 3D Surround Sound (VPT)
  • * 5 megapixel fast capture camera with auto-focus and HDR for photos, and dedicated shutter key
  • * Fast performance with dual-core processor
  • * Battery STAMINA Mode for outstanding battery life
  • * Available in Black, Purple, White and Yellow colour variations
  • * Consistent Sony entertainment experiences

Xperia M also features Sony’s trademark “WALKMAN” application, allowing album and movies apps to provide online and offline content through a single access point with new ways to enjoy and share that content. The “WALKMAN” application provides access to all your downloaded music, plus Music Unlimited with over 18 million songs to explore, and Facebook social integration. The “Movies” application gives consumers access to over 100,000 movies and TV series from Video Unlimited. The “Album” application enables easy access to Facebook friends’ photos, as well as the ability to organise images both by location and, through the new “Faces” function, by the people that feature in them.
The Dual SIM variant Xperia Mdual lets users select between two SIMs before making a call or sending a message with just a single click. Each SIM card can also be customised separately – for example, a formal ring for business or another tune for pleasure – perfect when users want to separate work from play, and handle calls more efficiently.
Xperia M and Xperia Mdual from Sony Mobile will both be available worldwide from Q3 2013.