Telltale Games teases a Walking Dead styled Vine video

Vine is quickly becoming the perfect venue for teaser trailers and pre-announcement hints. The latest of these Vinertisements (patent pending,) is quick look from Telltale Games that is most likely the next Walking Dead.
The Vine in question is embedded below, and shows what is most definitely the next chapter in the enormously successful, heartbreaking journey of The Walking Dead. Telltale posted Vine earlier today and named it “Day 2,” and it shows what looks to be the characters in the next series. The fact that Telltale is making another season of the episodic series shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, the game won the VGA ‘Game of the Year Award’ and was loved by almost every critic in the industry.
You can expect to see some Walking Dead DLC at E3, though the lid on that is tightly sealed until the event. Don’t forget that Telltale also has the ‘The Wolf Among Us’ coming down the digital-pipe as well.

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