Adobe releases Adobe Kuler on iOS, capture the colors you love anywhere

Inspiration is everywhere, that I think is a poster from my 6th grade art-teacher’s office but it is true. Color is also everywhere and if you have an iPhone you can use the camera to capture the colors you love for use later on.
There are tons of apps that help you find the color code when you are browsing online, and the eyedropper in Adobe Photoshop lets you grab the colors you want from other pictures, but now when you see the perfect shade of Nantucket Red on your friends Jcrew pants, you can grab that as well.
The first real-world application that I thought of when checking out this free application was paint-samples, you can bring samples into most hardware stores to replicate the color but this will definitely help you when you catch the right shade of grey when out on the town, or at a friend’s house and you want to steal all of his designs (just because he can afford an interior designer doesn’t mean you can right?).
The application is free and it’s nice to have on hand for just the right occasion. You can check it out on the iTunes below, it’s free so no hard feelings if you choose not to keep it.
more info: iTunes

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