After a lengthy run on ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ Michael Zegen has now been signed by HBO to appear in the extremely popular, fan-favorite comedy series ‘Girls’. Though details are scarce, here is what’s available.
Michael-Zegen-InsertThe Lena Dunham comedy ‘Girls’ was almost an instant success when it debuted on HBO. The series will not share Michael Zegen’s exact role on the show as of right now, but more information is expected to be released over the next few weeks. We do know that he has been signed to multiple appearances on the show assumably to fill an arc after Christopher Abbott left the series. This will also be the second time that Adam Driver and Michael Zegen will have worked together, fans may remember the duo in ‘Frances Ha’ where he played Benji.
Things have been going very well for Michael Zegen, he will come back to Boardwalk Empire as his same role (Benny Siegel) which he has played for six-episodes so far.