Sony’s The Last Guardian looks to be appearing at E3 2013 this year

The PS4 and PS Vita are expected to take center-stage at this year’s Sony Computer Entertainment’s E3 2013 keynote this year. That being said there is one PS3 title that might make a long-awaited appearance during the event, that game is ‘The Last Guardian’.
It has been three years since Sony announced plans to bring ‘The Last Guardian’ to the PS3. Since then fans have seen Fumito Ueda leave production of the game (though he did stay as a creative director), a series of massive delays and a complete shutdown on news and updates for the title from the SCE. Now the game has appeared on the official E3 news site. A NeoGaf user spotted the entry for the game on the site, which states, “Check out all the latest screenshots and videos for The Last Guardian, then come back here on Tuesday, June 11 for all the latest details, straight from the E3 2013 convention floor!”
The game was not featured in the last three E3 conventions because of it’s slow development process, though fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a release date since it was announced in 2009. Now it seems that release date may be just around the corner. The most likely scenario (if the game is ready) would be to have the game launch this holiday season. E3 2013 is just a few days away at this point, we will keep you updates as we get closer to the event.

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