Internet explodes with activity after ‘Mars Rat’ sighting

Among the many pictures that the Mars Curiosity Rover has sent back to Earth, few have been as quickly shared across the internet as the ‘Mars Rat’. A small rock that bears a small resemblance to an earthly rodent, a rock found on Mars.
The internet named the rock the ‘Mars Rat’ almost instantly, the pictures of the ‘rock’ have been popping up on websites and social-media services throughout the day. On some sites that generally cover UFOs, the keen observers found “Mars rat” within a panoramic photo snapped in September 2012 by NASA’s Curiosity rover.
If you choose to zoom in on the red-planet, you will see the small “rodent” hiding out between rocks. “It’s a cute rodent on Mars. Note its lighter-color upper and lower eyelids, its nose and cheek areas, its ear, its front leg and stomach,” Scott Waring wrote at UFO Sightings Daily. “Looks similar to a squirrel camouflaged in the stones and sand by its colors.”
Other theories are that NASA itself took the rodent to Mars, the reason for the secrecy? Wanding states, “Because the squirrel would be expected to die eventually and that would get PETA to fight against them in a court of law.” We will let you decide for yourself what to believe, thought the previous facts about rounded pebbles pointing flowing water on Mars seems a little bit more believable than the Mars Rat attack.

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