Now that 30 Rock has finished its run on NBC, the former stras can head off to their next projects. For Tracy Morgan that means a new comedy series on FX. Here are the details on the pilot as it stands now.
Tracy-Morgan-Profile-InsertThe pilot was confirmed this week and will have Tracy Morgan as a war-vet right now named’Death Pact’. Nick Grad, executive vice president of original development and programming at FX, confirmed the news earlier this week. Executive producers include Rob Long (“Cheers”) and Tad Safran (“The Long Weekend”) and is also being written and co-created by the same team.
The pilot has Morgan as a at one-time delinquent drug-fealing assistant high school coach, but who returns from war as a celebrated veteran. Morgan then meets up with former students who he then tries to enforce his new found sense of responsibility. “Needless to say anything starring Tracy Morgan could be off-the-charts hilarious and we’re betting this one is,” Grad said adding, “Rob Long, Tad Safran, Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum have delivered a terrific starring vehicle for Tracy … This is going to be fun.”