Jon Lajoie from the League tackles Zach Braff and Kristen Bell Kickstarters

Although many people were very excited to see Zach Braff making another film, and Kristen Bell returning as Veronica Mars, there were a few people that thought Hollywood elite didn’t belong on Kickstarter.
Whenever you have famous people asking for money, you’re going to get a few jokes (even if they are for good causes). That’s where Jon LaJoi or (Taco) from the hit series ‘The League’ comes into the picture. The song-writer and actor created a faux-Kickstarter campaign. He really went all out in the process, creating videos that satire all the Kickstarter elite (Thomas, Braff and Bell and a few others. You can check out the video above, and if you haven’t subscribed to his channels (or watch the League) you should do that as well.