Quick Game Trailers: Sony pours out the details on Rain

One of the most interesting games on PSN’s future schedule is the unique title ‘Rain’. Sony Computer Entertainment America has released a new trailer for the upcoming title, while also touching on a few of game mechanics.
The video below was posted on the Playstation Blog by Dais Kawaguchi, the Associate Producer at SCEA. The trailer shows when the “the paths of the invisible boy and girl collide” according to Kawaguchi. According to the official post, “each of the locations they’ll visit throughout the game varies dramatically from the next”.

The dark and somber game has caught the attention of critics and fans all over the world. Dais also states that “the boy and girl will explore more new environments,” saying that players will tour a “brightly light circus filled with trinkets and deserted enclosures.” Dais spoke about a few of the ‘rain’ mechanics as well, describing how the rain and other environmental factors will ahve an affect on the gameplay. More on the game will be discussed at E3 2013 this year. Fans that attend the event will have the chance to ho ‘hans on’ with the title.

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