Reports are pouring in from local news sources that two Walt Disney World patrons, a grandmother and grandson, found a loaded gun on a seat in one of the rides. This happened earlier today (Wednesday), here are the details.
According to local officials, the woman found the weapon on the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom. The Grandmother turned over the loaded weapon to a park attendant, who then contacted Disney higher-ups and the local authorities right away.
Angelo Lista is the gun’s owner, he has told authorities that he discovered his gun was missing several minutes after he himself, had left the ride. Lista has a concealed weapons permit to carry the gun, which he owned legally it seems. According to reports, Lista told authorities he was unaware that Disney World patrons were not permitted to bring guns into the park. For the record, Disney does not allow any firearms in their park. Lista said that he believed the security checkpoints that he passed through (at the entrance to the theme park) were to check for bombs or explosives. There are no walkt-through metal detectors or on-person searches, including pat-downs, at the park at this time. Disney is expected to make an official statement soon.