Disney has always been on the cutting edge of resort imaginerring, from robotic trashcans to animatronics dinosaurs roaming the parks ,there is little that the resort can’t create. The latest addition to resort-splendor is far more functional however.
In the works are wristbands to make your trip a little easier. It can be your key, your wallet, your resort pass, your child identifier..anything Disney wants. The device was shown off earlier today to the top-brass of the tech-industry. “All the entitlements that you have at the parks this will enable,” announced Tom Staggs, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman, in a press conference earlier today (Wednesday).
Right now it is being called, “The MagicBand” and it is set to debut in Walt Disney World Orland over the next few months. You will have to have the band setup in advanced, it will be mailed to you with your information installed. Simple interactions make the most sense, like Disney’s fast-pass system, for scheduling rides to cut down on wait times, or allotting money to children for use in parks or hotels so they never have to carry cash or hold onto your credit card. If it is ever lost or stolen, it can be deactivated almost immediately and can be replaced on the spot at a park.
Parents can sleep better knowing that their child’s name and birthdate can be added to the card, allowing park officials to find, report and reunite lost children with their parents, who’s contact information could also be on their wristbands. The first-names could also allow characters, workers or attractions to know your children’s name so they could magically know when to say happy birthday, or say hi to little ‘Susie’ when she greats Princess Jasmine.
If you’re worried that his could allow some sort of child-risk situation, there is no GPS in the band. No one can zone in on your children while they are at the park while using the wristbands. The wristbands are not mandatory either, and at this point no information seems to be an exact requirement. It’s also Disney, the most locked-down secret-security children’s destination in all of the United States, and if I was going to wear a wristband anywhere, that would be it.