Positively Viral: Fan recreates Macklemore and Lewis ‘Can’t Hold Us’ in his own way

Not every viral video on the web deserves to be so, but every once in an while we will come around and find one that we think deserves a spotlight. The latest edition to Positively Viral is a short clip from StonysWorld with a little tribute to ‘Can’t Hold Us’.
The YouTube user posted his video to Reddit where it quickly gathered fans and comments from people that thought he did a terrific job on the cover, and we would have to agree. The video is a looping cover of the track, made form the very home-made, or home-found items that are featured in the video. We are hoping that he make some morem and kudos for doing a short 2 min video, the best videos are the ones that people want to see more of. You can check out his video above, and we suggest that you subscribe to him as well.
You can even find him on Twitter if you would like to tell him what you thought.

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