Password Manager 1Password is 50% off for a limited time on Mac and iOS

There are quite a few terrific password management applications for people to use, though few have the beautiful UI, encryption and ease that 1Password does. The only real setback for 1Password up until this point was the high-price, something that you can avoid for a limited time.
The application comes in two-forms, an iOS version and a Mac version and both are 50% off for a limited time. There are screens and finer details on how the Password system works on the page below but if you are new to scene I’ll give you an idea. You can store all of your login information, usernames, passwords, credit-cards, security questions, everything by website or data-input. All of this information is protected under encryption and one “Master Password” that you have to remember. Then you can simply use the browser extension to retrieve the information when visiting a website, this way you can make secure, individual passwords, for each site or application, and you won’t need to remember them all. Or keep track of all your passwords. 1Password isn’t the cheapest, but it is constantly updated and supported from the developers and has one of the best UI’s on the market.
The service uses a 256-bit AES encryption and the Mac application can now be purchased for $24.99 for what is probably a very limited time.
more info: mac app store

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