Upcoming Galaxy S3 Verizon Update Gets Multi-Window And Other Enhancements

Galaxy S3 owners, isn’t it nice to have a phone that provide constant, major updates throughout the last few years? Even with bigger and better models coming out, the S3 continues to get a steady stream of updates, some of them as major as the one we bring you today.
Today, the S3 received approval from Verizon on a major update to build VRBMD3. The update includes the much lauded multi-screen and multi-window multitasking, and also includes a hefty amount of other upgrades such as Best Shot camera mode, enhanced people tagging in photos, S Beam Auto Share Shot, the new Samsung Gallery, and Paper Artist.
Along with added goodies comes a list of bug fixes as well, including increased Hotspot stability, improved lock screen function, and an easier way to turn on NFC.
The update will go live in the next few days, and weighs in at 129MB. For instructions on how to download the update, click here.
source | droid life

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