Interact with Mount Everest like never before thanks to Microsoft and GlacierWorks

From the fearless men and woman who have climbed its peaks, to the scientist that study its peaks for decades, monitoring climate change and other factors, Mount Everest is part of our combined culture.
Now that peak is a little closer to all of us thanks to GlacierWorks, a unique company that was founded by the renowned mountaineer David Breashears. Now the company has teamed up with Internet Explorer to create “Everest: Rivers of Ice”. The interactive platform is available in any browser not just Internet Explorer (though IE 10 users with touch-based screens that can utilize more aspects of the software).
There’s an environmental piece attached to this as well, Microsoft is showing off the company’s Rich Interactive Narratives (RIN) interface, created by the Microsoft Research Teams of India and Redmond. This creates an interface that utilizes many forms of multimedia, video, data heavy images, graphic renderings and more. The GlacierWorks’ project allows users the chance to explore Everest and discover the effects that climate change has had on the Himalayas.
more info: glacierworks

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