Explosion in Disneyland causes quick evacuation

Reports are coming in that the bomb squad has come to the scene, responding to a blast inside the ‘Toontown’ portion of Disneyland. An accident that right now may have been caused by dry ice.
It was only moments after the explosion that Police on the scene began evacuating the ‘Disneyland Toontown’ portion of the park. The event happened early Tuesday night and the Anaheim Police Department is still on the scene. Early reports from the incident indicate that it may have been caused by dry ice, placed inside a plastic container, but as a precaution Sgt. Bob Dunn stated to the press, “As a precaution we have evacuated Toontown.”
Also on the scene was a bomb squad from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department who was also responding. This comes after a slew of bomb scares have interrupted life in Southern California. More details will be reported by the Anaheim Police. At this time there are no reported injuries or death and everyone appears to have been evacuated safely from the park.
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