The Siggraph 2013 Conference will take place from July 21-25th in Anaheim, CA, and to get your curiosity flowing, computer graphics gurus from a variety off different companies have released this demo video. Holy amazement.
Highlights include:
– “Automated video looping with progressive dynamism,” which automates the creation of those eerie videos where only some parts of the scene moves. The automated approach, from researchers at Microsoft and the University of Illinois, can be guided by brushstrokes that indicate parts of the image that should remain stationary.
– “Structure-aware hair capture,” a technique for modeling computer-generated hair based on photographs of the wispy, tangled reality of actual hair. It’s from researchers at Princeton University, Industrial Light & Magic, and the University of Southern California. Alas, it doesn’t yet work with dreadlocks or braids.
– “Adaptive fracture simulation of multi-layered thin plates,” which means a more believable look to tearing foil and paper, from Ohio State University researchers.
– A device called Aireal that provides some tactile feedback to go along with videogames’ usual video and audio information. The device directs puffs of air at a person and thereby “enables users to feel virtual objects, experience free-air textures, and receive haptic feedback with free-space gestures,” according to the researchers from Disney Research Pittsburgh and the University of Illinois.
source | cnet