After the title was announced for the United Kingdom, everyone was waiting to see if the platformer ‘Rayman Legends’ would also be coming to PS Vitas here in North America. Now Ubisoft has confirmed the title, giving a release date this September.
The official date that the game will become available in September 3, 2013 in NA. The PS Vita version will come with a few extra bonuses to make up for its late port. There will be five exclusive levels featuring Murphy, the game will make use of PS Vita’s Rear Touch Pad design. There will also be two exclusive skins for the PS Vita version, Rayman can wear a Prince of Persia-themed outfit and Globox can wear a Splinter Cell series skin.
There will be co-op portion of the game (region locked) and available on wi-fi only, other features like an online leaderboards and online competitive challenges will be present as well. The full release-date listings are, (Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita in North America on September 3) while (Europe will be earlier, on August 29).