NCAA Playbook #4 – Dynasty


We’ve been covering a lot of new Madden news lately, but let us not forget the younger brother…the one football game that us fans get our hands on first every year. We kick off this week with Playbook #4 for NCAA Football 14, Dynasty Mode.
This year, EA Sports introduces Coach Skills and Power Recruiting to Dynasty. Coach Skills allows virtual coaches to build their own team however they wish. Earn skill points to boost various areas, such as recruiting or game management. There are over 30 Coach Skills available to split across two skill trees: Recruiting and Game Management. Skills include Royal Treatment, which grants a bonus whenever a prospect makes a campus visit, and Big Game, where your players will come out of the gates firing on all cylinders in rivalry games, bowl games or championship matchups. Offensive and defensive coordinators get their own skill trees as well.
Power Recruiting takes the old recruiting process and streamlines the scouting and wooing new players mechanics, all without sacrificing any of the depth we’ve come to know and love. instead of phone calls, players will now distribute recruiting points that will determine how diligently a given player is pursued. Points allotments carry over week to week, and can be adjusted at any time. This, plus enhanced emphasis on campus visits and scholarships, puts a whole new spin on one of the franchise’s most engrossing features.
Stayed tuned for more Playbook reveals in the coming weeks! NCAA Football 14 launches on July 9th for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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