Summer Tech: VB Beauty this summer is UV lights, killing germs and adding tech to routines

As I began to plan out my summer travels, one of the first thing I do is plan out everything that I’ll need to enjoy my stay away from the sanctity of my own bathroom. My large collection of iPhone and iPad chargers, my laptop and external drives, and a full replacement of everything I need in my cosmetic-bag. There’s basically a list of everything that I will need away from my beloved New York City that I don’t want to risk not finding at the summer beaches.
Slowly over the years my travel-bags have been less books, clothes and accessories and more wires, charges and screens. One of the benefits of writing articles for tech-sites is the almost endless array of products you get to try, though not all of them are worth writing about, or they are so outrageously expensive that it almost seems pointless to do so for the regular reader. Every spring is when I choose my new line of personal-tech for the upcoming beach-season, and this year I went with VB Beauty for my summer choice. It is a relatively quieter brand, one I found through a referral from a friend, who chose it herself because of the lower price-point and the wonderful ease of shipping online from one location. There are a few items that I simply must mention for the trips to the beach.
Fine-sand and salt-air is usually a perfect combination for your skin. The summer can be one of the best times for any woman to improve her outer-layers and some careful sun exposer can be one of the best fondations and concealer that a woman can obtain. Outside of this however, beach trips can cause some pretty terrible circumstances for skincare. That is why I’m listing a few of my personal favorite additions to this year’s travel-bag.
UV-Light Face Brush Sanitizer: $39.00
VB-Beauty-UVFirst off is the (UV-Light Face Brush Sanitizer,) this is something that I think everyone realizes that they should have, but almost everyone I’ve asked after obtaining one doesn’t own yet. It’s a must for the beach, and if you are in college or sharing a beach-place this year, then for the love of the ocean take one down with you. Girls share, even when you don’t want them to. From younger sisters to elementary school to college, there is a never-ending borrowing/stealing battle that goes on with women. I’m very protective of anything that I use on my face, no one gets to touch it, or use it, or borrow it (that’s gross). Other woman don’t seem to mind as much, but for your own sake, think of picking this up. It’s only $39 and the germicidal UV-lights can kill 99.9% of the disgusting germs and bacteria that grow on your brushes. Everywhere will tell you to replace your brushes after a period of time but this just adds to what should be a commonsense purchase. This isn’t just a summer activity but I share a house with friends when I go to the beach every year, and this allows me to sleep at night no matter who I share a bathroom or room with.
Super Sonic Smile Tooth Cleaning & Whitening System: $69
VB-Beauty-TBSame basic principle above goes for your toothbrush, an again after obtaining one everyone thought it was a great idea and wanted one as well but no one ever thought to buy one. VB sells an entire electronic toothbrush kit called the “Super Sonic Smile Tooth Cleaning & Whitening System” and it comes with the UV Light Sanitizer. So battery-operated toothbrushes are everywhere, and they come in a lot of shapes, sizes and price-points. I’ve tried a few, but only you can really decide which one works best for “whitening” or for “sensitivity”. I can tell you that I think it stacks up against any other brand I’ve tried. The other brand that are common in drug-stores don’t have the UV light which is really my whole push going into this summer. These brushes vibrate, but don’t spin. I actually like this better I’m not a dentist so I’m not going to tell you which one is better for your teeth. I do feel comfortable enough to say that brushing your teeth is very good for you, and this one brushes. I love the UV light for the same reasons as before and I know the idea of someone else using your toothbrush is disgusting and you probably would never use someone else’s, but we do leave them in the bathroom (which is the most disgusting place in your house) so I like the idea of the UV light.
Wrinkle Spot Treatment Set $39.00
VB-Beauty-WCNow away from the sterilization and more towards the summer prevention techniques. Every year I take a few preventive steps in the usual categories (sunscreen, moisturizers, wrinkle-creams, face-wash and cosmetics) and although I usually don’t rely on tech to help with these; this year it has become convenient enough that I decided to try it. A few things took some time to get used to, like adding an INFUSOR to my nighttime and morning routine. INFUSOR is a really an interesting marketing word for the device you see on your right, which helps apply the ‘Phyto Stem Cell Wrinkle Spot Treatment Crème’ to your face. I felt this has the same secondary benefits as an electric toothbrush does. Using an automatic system, I felt like I applied the creme more evenly, I used less pressure (which everywhere will tell you is the best thing for wrinkles because stretching out your skin while applying creme makes them worse, that’s why you are supposed to use your ring finger, or the weakest finger) and I used it longer than if I applied it myself. There are a list of primary benefits that you can read about on the official site, but even if you wanted to use your own favorite creme, buying an INFUSR is something I would recommend. That and the creme they give you with the purchase is one of my personal favorites and the reason I became interested in VB to begin with. It has a four-minute suggestion time, which sounds like a long time and it took some getting used to, but you’re supposed to brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes so in comparison it’s spot-on timing.
These were my personal favorites and VB has a few other key products that you can checkout as well. The UV light is definitely my biggest push moving forward, I spend a lot more time with other people in traveling situations in the summer as opposed to the winter and fall. You can check out these suggestions and check out everything that VB has to offer below.
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