Celebrate 10 years of WordPress today, find a meetup share a story

Wordpress was one of a select group of platforms that completely changed the way people interacted with the internet. Websites changed from a place of a business, basic information and branding, to a place of user-generated content that was available to anyone.
It was 10 years ago today that the first public version of WordPress was available to download. Just like many early internet pioneers, it was a blend of a working system (b2/Cafelog) and a new Content Management System (CMS). There are over 70 million websites that run using WordPress to deliver their content, that’s 18% of the entire Web, making WordPress the largest and most commonly used CMS in the world today. WordPress runs the blogs from even the most powerful outlets, including the New York Times and CNN.
It was Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little that developed WordPress 10 years ago, though they probably hoped for the same success, it seems unlikely that they ever could have imagined how popular the service would become. ‘Five Minute install’ became the famous marketing phrase of WordPress. The system was glorified for being highly customizable, easy to use, easy to maintain and very well supported. Running on simple PHP and MySQL server power, the CMS is still growing and becoming even easier for customer to create dynamic and rich content on the internent thanks to the thriving community, plugins and support groups.
You can help celebrate 10 years of WordPress, with the WordPress community. The official site is helping to create unique ‘Meetup Events’ across the world. You can check out the official site below to get detailed maps, tweets, conversations and other information about the service and events.
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