In the wee hours of Sunday morning (3am ET) Netflix released the latest 15 episodes of the cult-comedy series ‘Arrested Development’. The fans of the show have been waiting years for more episodes, and rumors are still swarming around the upcoming film. Now the series has finally comes back and it has a lot of catching up to do.
The series is expected to topple all of Netflix’s streaming records. Many people thought that the servers Netflix normally uses to stream its films and shows wouldn’t be able to handle the increased demand, but the launch went off without a hitch. In the recent months Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant have been staking their claims in new comedy series, not old ones, in an attempt for each service to offer the best and most-diverse lineup of original content. Netflix has had great success with ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Hemlock Grove’. Amazon on the other hand recently launched an entire “Pilot Series,” where it let fans decide what was good enough to stay, and what series wouldn’t move forward. Hulu has launched a few comedy series of its own, including ‘Little Mosque’, ‘Spy’ and ‘Misfits’.

Netflix launched all 15 episodes of ‘Arrested Development’ at once, subscribers have had a knack for gorging themselves on popular series in the past. Many of the commercials, associated social-media accounts and conversations people have online often talk about watching several seasons of a show all in one-day while using the online-streaming service. The new season of ‘Arrested Development’ has had a tremendously high-bar set for it, fans have been outwardly begging for more episodes, a movie and a return to cable since the show was cancelled by FOX (“we’ve made a huge mistake” -what everyone at FOX should be thinking). Now everyone with a Netflix account can catch up with the Bluth family once again, and judging by the trailer and the few episodes we have seen so far, everyone should walk away pleased.
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