It’s actually a little surprising that this hasn’t happened yet, but the Simpsons’ are getting their own expansion at the Universal Orlando Resort.
Technicaly speaking, the Simpsons’ are already in Universal Orlando, as a ride in both Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood. Now they are getting a small Springfield expansion that will have everything from the ‘Duff Brewery’ to rides and other Simpson’s attractions. The project is expected to kick off this summer with an outdoor setting and the “Kang & Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl”. Fans will of course see Krusty the Clown, the Simpsons themselves and even Sideshow Bob as they tour the park.
We hope the “Krusty Burger” is made better than Krusty’s low food-standards imply on the show, but classic Simpson’s fans will know the Frying Dutchman, Lard Lad and Italian stereotype Luigi’s Pizza. Patrons can also imbibe a Duff Beer (which is apparently brewed exclusively for Universal Orlando) at Moe’s Tavern.
First stop on the list? The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop then the Kwik-E-Mart, best…idea….ever.