Verizon iOS users can now use ‘Verizon Cloud’ service application

Although it launched exclusively to Android users at first, the ‘Verizon Cloud’ application is now available on the Apple App Store. You can check out the details below and pick up the application for yourself.
By now you probably have quite a few cloud-based services under your belt (iCloud, SkyDrive, DropBox, Amazon Cloud) but you never know when you might need more room. The service works like other standard cloud application, allowing users to store photos or videos and synch useful data like music and files with your PC. Verizon users that are using an iOS device should be used to this by now, but if you are using an iPhone then your ‘Verizon Cloud’ won’t be AS functional as the Android version.
Both applications offer the same storage space (500MB) but the iOS version stops short of offering you the same text-message back-up and contact synching that the Android version offers. This is simply because Apple already offers contact synching, music synching, and file synching through iCloud. You can still pick up the application though and keep it handy should you ever need it.
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