The developers at Stillalive Studios have made a few announcements regarding their upcoming title ‘Son of Nor’. The single-player and co-op title has released a new gameplay-video and new details about Oculus Rift development.
One of the largest offerings of the morning came in the form of a gameplay-video that was released for the title. The game is one of the more unique multi-platorm titles that have made its way across Kickstarter over the last few weeks, and the developers could use just one more final push to launch them into the ‘Kickstarted’ category.
The open-world adventure game is set in a “dynamic desert world”, where magic plays a large part in the gameplay. In the video Chris Polus, the producer of ‘Son of Nor’ walks players through the final build of the game. This is the most detailed look to date of how players will interact with the magical and dynamic world the developers have been working on all this time. The video highlights spell casting, exploring and puzzle solving; though that is just a fraction of what the final game will involve. The team has also announced that the title will include Oculus Rift support, making it one of the first newly-released, open-world fantasy titles to support the device (should the Kickstarter be successful next week). You can check out screens from the game, videos, gameplay -mechanics and more on the official Kickstarter page below. You can also check out the remaining Backers options and show your support.
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