Behold the most colorful and mesmerizing display of data, Google Trends Hot Searches

Earlier this week we reported on the new “Google Trends” feature from Google, which allows a viewer to quickly take a look at what is trending in different categories. Today we have something a lot more colorful.
While perfect for journalists or tabloids, the collection of data in different categories might not be as useful to the average person’s day-to-day web activities. On the complete far-side of that same spectrum is the new “Google Trends: Hot Searches” screen (shown in a picture above). What is not shown is how each of these squares (you can limit the number from 1 square and allow up to 25 squares to be shown at time) instantly start typing away showing you the world’s search topics. It’s a neat display and it would make a terrific screen-save for a second monitor, or a giant LCD screen when you walk into someone’s PR office. It’s flashy and interesting, and you can click on any topic as it moves across your screen and a new window will open up showing you the news results for that keyword.
You can even limit the searches by our own country. It’s just one of those neat tricks that Google can do with the mountains of data that it collects every second. Show it off to your friends, or you can stare at it in 25 panel-mode and feel like Lieutenant Commander Data reading from a Star Trek computer.
more info: google/hottrends

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