Internet Explorer 11 teased on Vine, expected to launch with Windows 8.1 this month

When the first news of Windows 8.1 (at the time named Blue) were first leaked to the internet, interested Microsoft users couldn’t help but notice images of Internet Explorer 11. Now it seems that the new browser will launch with the 8.1 update later this month.
Microsoft began teasing the launch of IE 11 on Vine earlier today, the most likely scenario for the browser will be to improve WebGL, which will improve 3D graphics over the previous versions of Internet Explorer. All of the competing browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and even Opera) support a standard version of Webgl, this would be Microsoft playing catch-up, not exactly forging ahead.
The actual free update of Windows 8.1 is expected to premier later this month, which means that the new Internet Explorer 11 should launch before the end of the month as well. We will kepp you updated as we get closer to the Windows 8.1 release date.

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